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Why raise alcohol awareness?

  • One in four employees are estimated to drink above recommeded guidelines
  • Excessive drinking outside of working hours is known to affect presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Increased personal awareness of drinking levels is evidenced to reduce heavy drinking rates 


Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Toolkit

Public Health England and Business in the Community have also released this Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Toolkit for employers which you might find useful.


1. Alcohol and Workplace Wellbeing – FAQs

All you wanted to know about alcohol and workplace health – our updated FAQs provides an overview of the evidence for why raising alcohol awaress in the workplace is a win-win – good for employees and good for business!



2. Infographic – Alcohol Awareness in the Workplace.



3. Alcohol, Mental Health & Workplace Wellbeing

Alcohol and mental health are often connected. Both managers and employees should be mindful of the support that some employees might need.