Our Drink Checker web app is the all-in-one bespoke online campaign that allows your employees to confidentially and anonymously check their drinking levels and receive instant feedback on what their drinking levels mean for their health.

Drink Checker uses evidence based techniques to help you promote alcohol awareness while also signposting to support services for those who want to cut down. 


Drink Checker was very easy to implement and has been widely used by our staff. This is a great, respectful and uncomplicated way to address employees’ drinking habits and support employees’ health when it comes to alcohol.

— Lise Tottrup Brennum, Lundbeck

We help you promote Drink Checker as part of your health and wellbeing calendar and to complement your alcohol at work policy.

  • Evidence-based, recommended by NICE and the World Health Organisation, and proven to reduce heavy drinking
  • Unique customisation options mean we signpost to your employee support services and your alcohol at work policy
  • Employees can use our drink diary and goal setting tools to cut down and see how much they’re saving

We provide you with anonymised data on demographics, uptake and achievements - demonstrating the impact of alcohol awareness. 


Get in Touch

For more information about Drink Checker and our online awareness campaigns, please email hello@alcoholhealthnetwork.org.uk or call us on 020 3151 2420.