Alcohol dependency affects 1 in 20 workers and line managers are increasingly in the frontline of managing such problems, often with little training or support.

Our on-site alcohol awareness training sessions for line managers provide managers with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to spot the signs of alcohol problems in the workplace and deal with them sensitively and in compliance with your alcohol policy.

We align our training to your alcohol at work policy.

Participants receive a range of alcohol awareness materials and our Managers’ Guide to Alcohol in the Workplace.

Each session lasts 2.5 hours and is delivered at your workplace, to a maximum of 16 people. Training comprises a combination of interactive presentation, pairs' work, case studies and whole group discussion.

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Managers and supervisors should be trained to recognise the signs of problems with alcohol. They should know what to do if they suspect an employee has a problem or if they are approached by an employee who declares a problem.

— British Medical Association,
Alcohol, drugs and the workplace

Lunch and Learn

Our interactive, engaging 45 minute lunchtime sessions for all employees explain how to keep healthy and safe while drinking alcohol. We cover subjects such as:

  • What’s in your drink? How strong is it and what are the drinking guidelines?
  • Are you in control? What are the definitions of binge drinking and dependency?
  • How can you enjoy a drink while also keeping safe?
  • Practical tips and advice to stay healthy
  • Is my friend drinking too much? Supporting friends, family or colleagues who may be drinking too much


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