We align our work with the standards in the PHE Workplace Wellbeing Charter, as well as regional workplace health charters.

The Alcohol Standards in the PHE Workplace Wellbeing Charter at the commitment, achievement and excellence levels can be broken down into four key areas:

  • Alcohol Policy
  • Alcohol awareness for employees
  • Support and training for line managers
  • Support for employees with alcohol problems

The standards encourage employers to engage with employees in the development of policies and guidelines in relation to alcohol use before and during work and to fully communicate the rules to all employees.

In addition, the standards encourage employers to educate and train the majority of employees and managers to be able to understand the risks of excessive drinking and for managers, how to support employees who are seeking support. 

How we can help you meet the standards

We can help you meet the Charter standards in relation to alcohol policy development, employee awareness, manager training and signposting for employees who need further support. Sometimes small tweaks to your current work can make a big difference in meeting the standards - we'll show you how.


Get in Touch

If you'd like advice or support on meeting the alcohol standards in the Charter, please email or call us on 020 3151 2420.