Our Alcohol Roadshows and events are a great way to start the conversation about alcohol in the worplace. Whether as part of a Health & Wellbeing day or as a component of a broader Alcohol Awareness package for your workplace, our Alcohol Roadshows and events are interactive, engaging, and fun. 

Natixis employees really engaged with the Alcohol Health Network stand in promoting alcohol awareness and particularly enjoyed making their own smoothie on the smoothie bike.

— Stuart Bennett, Natixis

Alcohol Health Roadshows

Our Alcohol Health Roadshows can be delivered over lunch or for a full day. Your employees can ask our consultants any questions they have about alcohol and pick up a selection of awareness materials. Our consultants are on hand for any personal advice needed and can signpost to support services.

Our Health Roadshows include: 

  • Wide range of alcohol awareness materials, including fact sheets, unit wheels, scratchcards and credit card sized unit cards.
  • 1–1 alcohol health checks with our consultants using our Drink Checker evidence based web-app on ipads
  • Beer goggle challenge - walk in a straight line or drive remote control car
  • How many units challenge
  • Smoothie bikes 
  • Alcohol-Free Drinks Tastings


Lunch & Learn  

Our interactive, engaging 45 minute lunchtime sessions cover subjects such as:

  • The links between alcohol and mental health -  advice to help you stay well
  • How to manage stress without alcohol
  • Practical tips and advice to drink safely and stay healthy
  • How to talk to your kids about alcohol
  • Is my friend drinking too much? Supporting friends, family or colleagues who may be drinking too much
  • Low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks - taste some and decide if they are actually any good!


Alcohol-Free Drinks Tastings

Low alcohol and alcohol-free drinks tastings which can be held as part of your Wellbeing Day or Week or alongside any Alcohol Awareness Training event. A fun and engaging way to start the conversation about alcohol, health and wellbeing. 


“Alcohol Health Network provided a fantastic set up with materials and  alcohol-free drinks which gave employees an idea of the alternatives available in the shops. Thank you Alcohol Health Network for a brilliant event!”

- Santander Consumer UK

Get in Touch

For more information about our Alcohol Health Roadshows or Lunch & Learn sessions, you can contact us at or call us on 020 3151 2420.


Alcohol Awareness Events & Training 2022

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