With over 25 years’ experience in the field of alcohol harm reduction, we’ve learned a great deal about alcohol, why people drink, and what helps them cut down.

For the past 5 years, we've been introducing this experience to employers, with HR, Occupational Health and Diversity professionals. We’ve also learned many things about how best to engage employees to become more alcohol aware and how to create a win-win for everyone.


Business Case

Workplace wellbeing initiatives are far more than a fluffy extra - they're crucial to businesses' bottom line – and alcohol awareness is a key component of this work.

Evidence shows that businesses save £4 for every £1 spent on alcohol awareness. That’s because alcohol harm is linked to 60 diseases and is strongly linked to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and strokes. A workforce that drinks within NHS guidelines is simply healthier, more productive and happier.

Engaging employees with alcohol awareness

Having worked as alcohol specialists with many employers we see a growing appetite for alcohol awareness in the workplace. Many employees are curious about the unit guidelines, the risks of drinking too much and the definitions of binge drinking, dependency and ‘safe’ drinking. We’ve found a holistic approach aimed at all staff works best – where it’s clear the intention is to simply provide knowledge, not point the finger.



Alcohol is not for everyone. Some people choose to socialise or wind down by going for a run or to the cinema. In some workplaces, going out to drink after work can mean some non-drinkers feel they don’t always fit in with the culture. A diversity strategy that includes alcohol awareness ensures an inclusive and diverse organisation, which in turn contributes to employee engagement and wellbeing.


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