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Alcohol Aware Employer was set up by Alcohol Health Network in 2017 to support employers to make alcohol awareness a key component of their employee health and wellbeing initiatives.

Whether you're already an Alcohol Aware Employer, or you've yet to make a start, you will find free resources, support and ideas on how you can make your organisation alcohol aware and improve the health of all your employees.

Since its launch, hundreds of employers have made use of our free resources and ideas. Join them!

Be an Alcohol Aware Employer and be positive about alcohol and workplace wellbeing 

This is a really important campaign from Alcohol Health Network – I would urge all employers to promote
alcohol awareness in their workplace, to improve overall health and wellbeing. 

All employers should make sure they’re ‘alcohol aware’, starting with a clear policy and promoting alcohol awareness across managers and employees. It’s good for business and good for employee health.

— Professor Sir Cary L Cooper, CBE


What is an Alcohol Aware Employer?

At Alcohol Aware Employer we are mindful that 1 in 4 UK workers drink above NHS lower risk guidelines and that promoting a responsible approach to alcohol protects employees’ health and wellbeing.

Alcohol Aware Employer supports employers to work towards the following: 

  • A clear, up to date alcohol policy is well communicated to all employees
  • Alcohol awareness is regularly promoted among all employees
  • Managers are supported and trained to spot alcohol problems early and know how to deal with them effectively
  • Employees with alcohol problems are encouraged to seek advice and support

I welcome this enterprise. It has a most important aim – to help people recognise the serious long-term risks to health and wellbeing when they drink above recommended guidelines. Alcohol gives social pleasures but when abused it causes personal harm and damages relationships, families and working life.

- Professor Dame Carol Black, DBE

What Alcohol Aware Employer offers employers:

  • Free resources - see our Free Starter Pack
  • Alcohol Aware Employer logo and certificate for your marketing purposes
  • Bi-monthly newsletter on alcohol and workplace wellbeing 
  • Free 1 hour consultation with one of our consulants to discuss any queries you may have around promoting alcohol awareness in the workplace
  • 10% off our line manager and health champion Alcohol Awareness Training

All available when you download our Free Starter Pack.


Benefits of promoting Alcohol Awareness in the Workplace

Promoting alcohol awareness in the workplace has many benefits, to both your organisation and your employees:

  • Encourages lower risk drinking across your workforce

  • Sends strong signal to employees that your organisation values their health and wellbeing

  • Improves the physical & mental health of all employees

  • Reduces absenteeism & presenteeism

  • Ensures alcohol problems are managed effectively and appropriately

  • Creates a positive culture from induction to retirement

  • Supports the diversity of your workforce


Download our resources today:


Take our free online diagnostic to find out how alcohol aware your organisation is. 


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