30 Day Drink Less Programme


We all want to stay healthy – including staying in control of our drinking

The way we drink alcohol can affect both our health and wellbeing – how do you stick to just the right amount?

We’ve developed a 30-day email programme for people who wish to reduce their drinking and stick to lower levels. 

The course will help you cut down to no more than 14 units a week and then plan exactly how much and when to drink throughout the week – so you feel more in control.

Just 10 minutes a day for 30 days, helping you feel lighter and healthier, even if you've tried to cut down before. 

AHN-30 Day-Social

The Alcohol Health Network has made a tremendous difference to the work we are doing to raise awareness and promote sensible drinking. Their expertise, together with their professionalism has made a world of difference, giving the work real momentum.

- Iona Lidington

Associate Director of Public Health, Royal Borough of Kingston

  • An Email A Day

We'll send you one email a day to help you cut down. You'll spend 5–10 minutes a day reading and carrying out short exercises.

  • Based on Proven Counselling Techniques

Our Course is based on counselling and wellbeing techniques to help you understand your drinking and manage how much and when you drink.

  • Exercises suited to you

Everyone is different – so we design our courses to help you find what works for you, enabling you to work out how to get your drinking under control.



Employers & Public Health teams

The 30 Day Drink Less Programme is available to Workplaces and Public Health. Please get in touch to find out more.