How We Work with Your Organisation

We recognise that employers have varying needs when it comes to their approach to alcohol awareness and policy.

Employers want to act responsibly towards their staff - however, alcohol often is used at corporate events, client meetings and social outings. 

The key is to strike the right balance and respect everyone's wishes, while ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all employees. 

We work with different departments in your organisation to help:

  • All your employees to know the NHS alcohol guidelines, understand their own drinking levels and how this affects their health and wellbeing
  • Your Line managers to learn how to deal effectively with different types of alcohol issues in the workplace
  • Your HR, Diversity and OH professionals to review, develop and update your alcohol strategy and policy 
  • Your Communications teams to tailor internal messaging on alcohol awareness policy and initiatives

Is your Alcohol Policy up to date?

Most organisations have an alcohol policy, but many are not well communicated, or have not been reviewed for some time.

  • Do your employees know what's expected of them in terms of alcohol consumption before or during work, when entertaining clients, working at home or off site?
  • Do Line Managers know what to do if they are concerned an employee has an alcohol problem? And where to signpost colleagues for support?
  • How does your organisation best communicate your policy on alcohol at work to all employees?

We help you to ensure your policy reflects your current organisational working practices and goals and communicate it clearly to employees.


Get in Touch

For more information about our policy and consultancy services, please email hello@alcoholhealthnetwork.org.uk or call us on 020 3151 2420.