Employee health & wellbeing during covid 19 - now more than ever, your employees should know the guidelines

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In these times of uncertainty, disruption and anxiety, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The temptation to have a drink to destress and unwind may feel natural, but in times of greater stress than usual, it’s easy to drink more than you realise.   

We have posted a new article on our Drink Checker Work website - please do feel free to pass this onto your employees.

We will get through this – by staying healthy and staying well.

Posted by Don Shenker on 1st April 2020

10 Reasons Why Employers should make Alcohol Awareness part of their 2020 Wellbeing Calendar

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A growing number of employers are recognising the benefit of raising alcohol awareness in the workplace – not because they suspect employees are drinking on the job, but because they believe it is just as valuable to promote a healthy relationship with alcohol as it is to promote a healthy diet and regular exercise. 

Posted by Don Shenker on 19th December 2019

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Drink Checker Work - a new free website for employers to share with employees

AHN-DC WORK Launch Campaign - LinkedIn

We are excited to launch Drink Checker Work, our new free website to help employers support thier employees to check their drink.

Posted by Don Shenker on 27th September 2019

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Diabetes Week 2019 - June 10 -16


Today marks the first day of Diabetes Week 2019. Many people are unaware of the links between alcohol and diabetes. 

Posted by Don Shenker on 10th June 2019

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Toolkit for Employers

BITC Toolkit

Alcohol Health Network are delighted to have contributed to a new Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Toolkit for Employers by Public Health England and Business in the Community.

Posted by Paula Glassman on 5th June 2018

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