What is an Alcohol Aware Employer?


In times of economic and financial uncertainty for many employees, it’s not surprising that levels of stress and anxiety are rising and that for some employees alcohol use will feature as a way to de-stress and cope with emotional and financial  difficulties.

Posted by Don Shenker on 2nd March 2017

Talking about alcohol responsibly… it’s not easy!

We live in a world where alcohol use is heavily marketed, tolerated and even encouraged. Unfortunately, alcohol and work don't mix – so how do you talk about alcohol use in a responsible way with colleagues and employees?

Posted by Don Shenker on 6th October 2016

Mental Health Awareness Week 2016

16th–22nd May is Mental Health Awareness Week 2016. We've created a fact sheet for employers discussing the links between alcohol and mental health and how employers can create an alcohol aware workplace.

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Posted by Paula Glassman on 11th May 2016

Tags: mental health, alcohol, workplace, employee wellbeing

How to talk to someone you manage about their drinking

Most managers find the subject of alcohol misuse particularly difficult to talk about when faced with concerns about an employee’s drinking. 

Posted by Don Shenker on 21st April 2016

World Cancer Day 2016

It's World Cancer Day on February 4th - do you know what the links with alcohol are?

Posted by Don Shenker on 21st February 2016