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Online alcohol advice and signposting for local areas

Drink Checker is an evidence-based website that allows local residents and workers to anonymously and confidentially check their drinking levels, receive personalised, risk based feedback, use a drink diary to help cut down and refer themselves to local treatment, online, 24/7.

Our 30 Day Drink Less Email Programme is now available as part of the Drink Checker license.

Our Drink Checker website is currently licensed to 6 Local Authorities in the Greater London area.

Local authorities and CCGs can promote Drink Checker via social media and GP text messaging. 



Alcohol Health Network’s expertise and professionalism have made a tremendous difference to the work we are doing to raise alcohol awareness and promote lower risk drinking. They have given the work real momentum.

– Iona Lidington, Associate Director of Public Health, Royal Borough of Kingston

Drink Checker is an innovative and cost effective approach for local Public Health teams to promote early self-identification of alcohol misuse, support increasing risk drinkers to cut down and provide clear pathways to treatment for high risk and dependent drinkers.

Evidence demonstrates that online alcohol advice can help problem drinkers cut down to low-risk levels. 

  • Evidence-based, recommended by NICE and the World Health Organisation, and proven to reduce heavy drinking
  • Unique customisation options mean we signpost to your local commissioned alcohol services
  • Visitors can sign up to drink diary and set themselves goals
  • Email / sms alerts to help people cut down
  • Regular promotional campaigns for your social media channels
  • Branded print campaigns for JC Decaux sites, Pharmacy Bags, Scratch Cards 
  • We meet with your local Pharmacists and GPs to help them promote the site
  • Commissioners receive anonymised data on demographics, uptake and achievements - demonstrating the impact of alcohol awareness. 

30 Day Email Programme for Public Health

Commission our 30 Day Drink Less Email Programe and offer people in your local area the opportunity to change their drinking, one day at a time.

Those who sign up receive an email a day with exercises designed to help them cut down and stick to lower drinking levels.


Get in touch

For more information about Drink Checker and the 30 Day Drink Less Email Programme for your area, please email hello@alcoholhealthnetwork.org.uk or call 020 3151 2420.