Managers and supervisors should be trained to recognise the signs of problems with alcohol. They should know what to do if they suspect an employee has a problem or if they are approached by an employee who declares a problem.

— British Medical Association,
Alcohol, drugs and the workplace


Alcohol Awareness Training for Employers 

Train your HR or OH team in how to create a healthy alcohol culture in your workplace by offering the right training, policies and support.

This 2.5 hour on-site training session will help your HR / OH teams to:

  • Promote a healthy alcohol culture across your workplace
  • Understand how alcohol issues are linked to mental health and overall wellbeing

  • Ensure all line managers / health champions know how to support a colleague with an alcohol problem

  • Create a new or update an existing alcohol policy in line with best practice


Alcohol Awareness Training for Health Champions 

Train your Health Champions or Mental Health First Aiders in how to recognise an alcohol problem and support a colleague who may need help to cut down. Health Champions are ideally placed to help colleagues who may be concerned about their drinking.

In this 2.5 hour on-site training, participants learn how much is too much, how to initiate a conversation when they are concerned about a colleague and where to signpost to support.


Managing Alcohol Problems - Training for Line Managers

Alcohol dependency affects 1 in 20 workers and line managers are increasingly responsible for managing such problems, often with little training or support to guide them.

Our 2.5 hour on-site alcohol awareness training sessions for line managers provide participants with knowledge of how alcohol affects the body, alcohol related risks to performance and ill-health and signs of high risk drinking and dependency. The course provides line managers with the skills, confidence and knowledge they need to manage and support problem-drinking employees sensitively, effectively and in line with your alcohol policy. 

Training consists of a combination of interactive presentation, pairs' work, case studies and whole group discussion.

Participants receive a range of alcohol awareness materials and our Managers' Guide to Alcohol in the Workplace and we align our training with your workplace alcohol policy.


Alcohol Awareness Workplace Training & Events

Alcohol Awareness Events & Training 

Make Alcohol Awareness part of your Workplace Wellbeing Calendar


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