Dry January Lunch & Learn Webinars - 45 mins

Support your employees to make the changes they want to make in 2021.

Our interactive webinars for employees, "Dry January - tips and advice", support  employees  to cut down or take a whole month off alcohol for Dry January and beyond.

We know from recent research by Opinium that around 1 in 5 adults (21%) are drinking more frequently since lockdown due to stress and anxiety.

Webinars include tips and advice on building new habits, alcohol-free drinks, managing situations when you'd normally drink but dont want to and how to increase health and wellbeing as an alternative boost in the cold month of January. 

I would urge all employers to promote
alcohol awareness in their workplace, to improve overall health and wellbeing.

- Professor Sir Cary L Cooper, CBE, University of Manchester



  • Alcohol and your mental health  - Managing stress, anxiety and uncertainty, positively in a time of changing routines

  • Definitions of ‘low-risk’ drinking, binge drinking and dependency - How to spot unhealthy patterns and change them

  • How much do you usually drink? - How much is too much, home measures and staying in control

  • Supporting friends, family or a colleague - Speaking to someone you are concerned may be drinking too much

  • Where to find support -  Signposting to your EAP, OH team or local NHS counselling services

  • Drink Checker e-learning platform included with every webinar - Allows your employees to anonymously check their drinking levels, receive brief advice on cutting down, as well as signposting heavy drinkers to your EAP, OH team or local NHS counselling services. 12 month license for Drink Checker included with every webinar.


All webinars can be tailored to suit your workforce, be they key workers currently working long and stressful days or employees working from home, with the new stresses and changes that this can bring. We make these sessions relevant to your workforce's needs.


Drink Checker was very easy to implement and has been widely used by our staff. This is a great, respectful and uncomplicated way to address employees' drinking habits and support employees' health when it comes to alcohol.

Lise Tottrup Brennum, Lundbeck

Alcohol Awareness Webinars for HR/OH Teams - 1 hour

This online training will help you support your employees to drink safely through this period of uncertainty and change.


  • Promote a healthy alcohol culture across your workforce even under lockdown
  • Understand how alcohol issues are linked to mental health and overall wellbeing

  • Practical advice and strategies to help you support employees during Covid 19

  • Digital resource pack (fact sheets, guide for Line Managers)

  • Drink Checker e-learning platform included with every webinar (see details above)

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Dry January Webinars for Employers and Employees

Support your employees to make the changes they want to make in January and beyond.