Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Toolkit for Employers

BITC Toolkit

This new toolkit from PHE and Business in the Community outlines why training your managers, health champions and all employees in alcohol awareness is so important to help create a healthy, supportive workplace for all employees.

“It’s not always easy for line managers to recognise or address alcoholrelated issues among employees, as the drink ‘problem’ sometimes appears intangible and hard to define.

"But if an employee’s conduct or work performance is impaired as a result of alcohol or drug use, then it is a manager’s duty to address the issue in a sensitive, trusting and confidential way.

“Having the skills to raise your concerns comes from a good understanding of how problematic alcohol issues develop and manifest themselves in the workplace and how you can help motivate change.

“With good training, managers can build a win-win for the organisation and employee, resulting in early intervention and support to tackle concerns sooner, before disciplinary action needs to be taken. An organisation-wide approach that regularly promotes alcohol awareness to all enables managers to raise concerns more easily and in tandem with well-communicated policies.”

Don Shenker, Alcohol Health Network.

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Toolkit, PHE and BITC

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Posted by Paula Glassman on 5th June 2018